A magical design developed in collaboration with leading designers; made of fine, certified materials; whose functionality might turn out to be crucial for the safety of your child.


The idea of creating SIBAND armbands dates back to 2000. During long journeys, we became familiar with children’s dreams, their caretakers’ fears, and the needs of companies that focus on the safety of families. We decided to create a unique gadget – a priceless treasure for each child – that will always accompany him/her; bring to mind past adventures; surround him/her with protection; and offer caregivers peace and comfort. As a result of collaborating with illustrators, graphic designers, educators, and professionals in the field of design, the brand SIBAND was created – armbands inspired by children’s smiles.


Design and usability

The interior of the colourful armband hides information that will ensure your child’s safety in situations when a supervisor is not present. The armband may contain parents’ contact information, the child’s blood type, and other important information. The material is light, non-allergenic, and very delicate. The SIBAND armband is an original, durable and comfortable-to-wear gadget that surrounds children with permanent security.



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opaska dla dzieci Siband


The name SIBAND combines the Italian word ``SI`` (meaning ``yes``) with the word ``BAND`` (meaning ``wrist,`` in many languages). The SIBAND name reflects the excellent quality of Italian materials—from which the armbands are created—and the perfection with which the bands adapt to the body.


We invite companies who are looking for original, personalised advertising, and media distributors interested in reselling SIBAND armbands, to collaborate with us. As a direct manufacturer, we guarantee attractive prices.


If you want to learn more about SIBAND armbands, or if you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact our advisors. We are happy to answer all of your questions, and together we will find the best solution.

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