The name SIBAND combines the Italian word “SI” (meaning “yes”) with the word “BAND” (meaning “wrist,” in many languages). The SIBAND name reflects the excellent quality of Italian materials—from which the armbands are created—and the perfection with which the bands adapt to the body.



opaska dla dzieci Siband


The history of the treasure’s discovery

The idea behind SIBAND armbands was born during travel, when the safety of children is a priority. Just a few seconds of inattention is enough for your child to move out of sight. Even his/her momentary disappearance can be a very stressful experience, both for caretakers and for the child. Our mission was to find a solution that would allow for the easy identification of the child; the quick gleaning of necessary medical information; and rapid contact with the child’s parents. In addition, we wanted the armband to be a fantastic memento, a treasure and an advertising gadget that will always accompany the child, reminding him/her of past adventures.



Od pomysłu do realizacji

Proces tworzenia finalnego produktu trwał bardzo długo. Dzieci, wbrew pozorom, są bardzo wymagającymi odbiorcami. Prace bazowały na wnikliwej analizie dziecięcych gustów – co do zabaw, kolorów, kształtów. Do badań zaprosiliśmy pedagogów, ilustratorów oraz wyspecjalizowanych designerów form przemysłowych i grafiki użytkowej, członków Instytutu Wzornictwa Politechniki Koszalińskiej. Po miesiącach obserwacji i prac, opaski SIBAND nabrały ostatecznego kształtu.


From concept to completion

The process of creating the final product lasted very long. Children, contrary to appearances, proved to be very demanding customers. The work was based on a thorough analysis of children’s tastes, with regards to play, colours and shapes. It required meetings with kids of all ages. After months of observation and work, the SIBAND armband took on its final shape.

Design and usability

The interior of the colourful SIBAND armband hides information that will ensure your child’s safety when a supervisor is not present. The band may contain data such as:

  • A contact number, with the note “MUM” or “DAD”
  • Allergy information
  • Prescribed drugs that your child is taking
  • Emergency numbers (such as Poland’s WOPR and GOPR – lifeguards on the beach, and volunteer rescuers in the mountains, respectively)

The material is light, gentle and non-allergenic. The SIBAND armband is an original and convenient gadget, one that surrounds children with constant protection, and that children enthusiastically wear.

Individual fit

The SIBAND offer includes a wide range of colours and unique designs, created specifically for our company by a prominent Polish illustrator/educator. A custom design can also be placed on the band, which will then be created for a client’s individual order.


We invite you get acquainted with the SIBAND offer and continued B2B collaboration!

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