original and unique wirstband

Design created in collaboration with renowned designers

The main designers of the armbands’ fastenings are Mr Przemyslaw Jan Majchrzak and Mr Maciej Ojrzanowski – graduates and faculty members of the Institute of Design at the Technical University of Koszalin.

From concept to production

The process of creating the final product lasted very long. Children, contrary to appearances, proved to be very demanding customers. The work was based on a thorough analysis of children’s tastes, with regards to play, colours and shapes. It required meetings with kids of all ages. After months of observation and work, the SIBAND armband took on its final shape.

A design dedicated to children

The main idea of the designers was to optimize the use of the product, as well as to create an innovative shape with a high level of visual appeal for children. The final form of the armband is cylindrical and reminiscent of popular toys, such as a rattle. The design enables the secure fixation of the fastener strap at the stage of product packaging, which greatly simplifies the process of use. The lower and middle parts of the clasp permanently fasten one end of the strap. The other end of the strap is adjustable, and fastened by the upper part of the clip directly on the wrist. The clasp, thanks to its unique design, allows for the full exposure of graphics, which are selected from pre-set patterns or custom designs created for individual needs.

The SIBAND armband is the gadget that every child wants

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