Protection in everyday situations

The interior of the colourful SIBAND armband hides information that will ensure your child’s safety when a supervisor is not present. The band may contain data such as:

  • A contact number, with the note “MUM” or “DAD”
  • Allergy information
  • Prescribed drugs that your child is taking
  • Emergency numbers (such as Poland’s WOPR and GOPR – lifeguards on the beach, and volunteer rescuers in the mountains, respectively)

The SIBAND armband is an original and convenient gadget that surrounds your child with constant protection:

  • During domestic and international travel, daily shopping or walking – any time there is a risk of getting lost
  • In the case of an accident or illness, when information about a blood type, illness and/or allergies can be crucial to the health of your child

Safety of the materials

The materials we use to create the SIBAND armbands are completely safe for the health and skin of your child, as confirmed by appropriate testing. We work with the most experienced manufacturers in the world to guarantee our customers an absolutely safe product.

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