we care about the children smile


Multiple advantages – for children, guardians and businesses

The SIBAND armband is a fantastic souvenir, as well as an effective promotional gift that will always accompany your child, reminding him/her of past adventures and your company – which contributed to the creation of priceless memories.

Whilst creating the armbands, we thought about children’s safety. We wish to see the colourful armband become the first gadget that will protect your child, help him recall his/her fondest memories, and bring a genuine smile to his/her face.


Why is SIBAND worth it?

  • An inspiring souvenir and treasure that will last for years, whilst evoking the most beautiful memories
  • An absolutely unique gift that every child wants, as confirmed by many years of research and testing
  • Equipped with the ability to save a lot of valuable information, such as a phone number; name of guardian; blood type; prescribed medicine; etc.
  • Rapid identification of your child in the event of loss in crowded places
  • Acceleration of medical intervention in case of an accident, providing information such as your child’s blood type; allergies to drug ingredients; etc.
  • Made from approved material that is ultra-modern, soft, and breathable
  • High durability
  • Unique, colourful designs created by a graphic artist/educator
  • An original clasp design, inspired by popular toys
  • No sharp edges or other hazardous components
  • A universal gadget, suitable for children from 2-9 years old
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