Wristbands for children manufacturer

A magical design developed in collaboration with leading designers; made of fine, certified materials; whose functionality might turn out to be crucial for the safety of your child.

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The name SIBAND combines the Italian word “SI“ (meaning “yes“) with the word “BAND“ (meaning “wrist,“ in many languages). The SIBAND name reflects the excellent quality of Italian materials—from which the armbands are created—and the perfection with which the bands adapt to the body.

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We invite companies who are looking for original, personalised advertising, and media distributors interested in reselling SIBAND armbands, to collaborate with us. As a direct manufacturer, we guarantee attractive prices.

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If you want to learn more about SIBAND armbands, or if you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact our advisors. We are happy to answer all of your questions, and together we will find the best solution.


approved by the National Institute of Hygiene


special material that is gentle for a child's skin


no allergenic compounds


Favourable partnership terms

upward of 300 pcs

low production quantities possible


short manufacturing times

we think creatively

The Siband armband is a gadget for children that is unique in its design and purpose. It is a colourful armband the main purpose of which is to ensure children’s safety in crowded places. It also makes for a fantastic gift offered by companies whose activities are in line with the idea of safety.

Wristband ID for children

The Siband armband is a unique and convenient gadget that provides constant protection to a child during both domestic trips and trips abroad, as well as during everyday shopping and strolls – whenever there is a risk of getting lost. Our armband is also very useful in case of an accident or disease, when information on the little one’s blood type, diseases and allergies may prove essential to saving their well-being.

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