Collective packaging of NEVERLOSEME WRISTBANDS

The packaging of Siband庐 wristband is a perfect example of how much we care about details, bearing in mind the convenience and business aspects of our partners. We know that storing the bands is not easy, especially for large orders. We also know that each wristband must have a nice packaging that proves the quality of the product and at the same time contains the necessary information. That is why, with our business partners in mind, we pack our bands in tear-off packaging, each containing 5 pieces, avoiding any plastic bags.


Collective packaging for Siband庐 wristband can be easily divided into individual pieces. This solution makes it possible to take a dozen or so bands at a time with easy management of their distributions.


In addition, taking care of the quality of delivery of our gadgets to the customer, such a solution during transport ensures the stability of the goods in collective cartons which can contain 300 wristbands.