In 2019, a new product was added to the Siband庐 wristband family – Siband庐 UV. It is an original and useful gadget that provides children with double protection, and enables companies to effectively implement the idea of 鈥嬧媟esponsible, modern business.


Siband庐 UV offers all the benefits of the standard Siband庐 NEVERLOSEME WRISTBANDS, and additionally informs caregivers that the level of UVA or UVB radiation has become dangerous to the health of the little ones. The white clasp then changes its colour to intense red. The double protection provided by Siband庐 UV fits even better with the idea of 鈥嬧媡aking care of safety 鈥 so important for many modern companies.

Aktywne zapi臋cie opasek UV zmieni kolor pod wp艂ywem promieni s艂onecznych.

The active fastening of the UV bands will change colour when exposed to sunlight.


Just like the standard neverlosemeSiband庐, the new Siband庐 UV wristbands can be freely personalized by placing the selected image on the entire surface, e.g. a company logo, advertising slogan or a drawing. As a result, a creative and useful company gadget is created, which breaks with the well-worn, hardly useful forms that are quickly forgotten.


Personalized to the needs of a given company or a specific project, Siband庐 UV communicates to the recipients: “I care for the youngest,” “I form right habits,” “I increase social awareness.” For a child, a wristband is an attractive gift, and for the caregiver 鈥 an important element of every outing, both to crowded, as well as strongly sunlit places. This means that it can accompany your clients, partners and their families鈥 always.


It is worth building your image on authentic and valuable activities. This way customers will repeatedly recall the brand that supports them in caring for the safety and health of their loved ones.

Jak i kiedy opaska NIEZGUBKA w wersji UV zmienia kolor ?
brand strengths


approved by the National Institute of Hygiene

upward of 300 pcs

low production quantities possible


short manufacturing times


special material that is gentle for a child's skin


no allergenic compounds


Favourable partnership terms


the material is flexible, delicate and durable at the same time


clasps of the band designed to enable multiple use of the band


the clasp changes color when exposed to strong UV rays