Siband’s products include a wide range of colourful, unique patterns, designed just for us by an illustrator and educator. Furthermore, any design may be created by the Customer and placed on a Siband armband. It is the perfect solution for companies that seek a unique advertising medium, an innovative and imaginative gadget, or a useful present for their employees and clients. The advertising graphics may cover the entire surface of the armband (excluding the fastening).


approved by the National Institute of Hygiene


special material that is gentle for a child's skin


no allergenic compounds


Favourable partnership terms

upward of 300 pcs

low production quantities possible


short manufacturing times


the material is flexible, delicate and durable at the same time


clasps of the band designed to enable multiple use of the band


the clasp changes color when exposed to strong UV rays


The drawings on Siband armbands have been designed by an eminent Polish illustrator and educator. On request, we also create custom illustrations adjusted to the Customer’s needs. When purchasing Siband armbands, you may select one of the three fastening colours (green, pink or blue) at no extra charge. If you need a fastening of another colour, please contact us.


The materials we use to manufacture Siband armbands are completely safe for a child’s health and skin, which is proved by the appropriate certificates. We cooperate with the most experienced material manufacturers to ensure that our Customers will receive an absolutely safe product.